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Sentinus medals


Congratulations to Peter, Elgin, Jessica and Angus, who were presented with their Sentinus medals by Mr Allen during this morning’s Post-16 assembly. Their awards are in recognition of their valuable contributions to STEM project work last year. Excellent work! 

NW Ministry of Youth


Many thanks to Chris and Johnny from EA’s Youth Service for speaking to our Post-16 pupils this morning about the NW Ministry of Youth.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to become leaders in promoting diversity, tackling discrimination and representing our local communities.

There are also fantastic incentives for joining up, such as travel expenses, training courses, etc.

Additional ‘Expression of Interest’ forms are available in the Study Hall.

Nesswoods and Castlerock 2019

Yr8 travelled to Nesswoods and Yr9 to Castlerock for the annual Science visits at the beginning of June. Projects included ‘Investigating plant diversity on the woodland floor’, ‘Competition between Bluebells and Woodrush’, ‘Considering land and sea breezes’ and ‘banded snail populations’ to name a few. Click HERE to view the photos on our gallery.