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 Welcome to the Maths Department at Foyle College


We aim to  provide information about Maths at Foyle College, and give an insight into any events that take place during the academical year. We hope you find the department website helpful.



2015 Year 12 Mathematicians

128 pupils…


31% a* GRADES


Careers in Maths

In many aspects of our lives, certainly in many occupations, mathematics is an essential tool. Much of what we do on a daily basis, from online banking to internet searching, involves mathematics at some level. A mathematically able workforce is needed now more than ever before as businesses and industry exploit new technologies to drive innovation.

At whatever level of Mathematics you achieve, there are career doors that will open to you.

Even if you feel that Mathematics is not one of your greatest strengths, laying a foundation in the basics can improve your job prospects and help you to pursue an interesting career. Those with a high level of skill and a love of mathematics will enjoy a diverse range of possibilities in their career. Many sought after careers depend on a solid background in mathematics.

A person who can think mathematically and can make connections within and between ideas develops problem-solving skills that are very attractive to potential employers. Mathematics will give you the skills to enhance your career prospects, increase your job satisfaction and boost your earning capacity.

At Foyle College we endeavour to ensure that our pupils are kept up-to-date with the new and exciting career prospects that are available to them involving Mathematics.


Maths Computer Games


This website gives you the opportunity to play exciting Maths computer games and challenges, allowing you to compete against pupils from across the UK.  See Miss Sayers if you are interested and she will give you your unique UserID and password so that you can get started. 

Visit https://campus.mangahigh.com/en-gb/dashboard to play games and take part in challenges.


The Maths Department at Foyle College have made lots of resources available to you at home through Fronter.  Use them to help with your revision or to review topics that you have found challenging.  

Follow the link below to MySchool. Sign in to MySchool and select Fronter. When on Fronter select the Maths room where you can find blank review sheets and the notebook examples with blank solutions.

Log in using your own username and password, try the questions and then check the answers against the work you have done in class.