Activities Timetable

• Year 13 & 14 Thursday Period 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 - Mandarin class












Year 8 Drama (Shakespeare)

Year 9 Stem Club

Junior Traditional Group

Junior Scripture Union

Senior Scripture Union

Year 14 Biology support class (re-sitting AS modules)

Senior Strings (1.20pm)

Sixth Form Health Committee


U12 (Year 8) Rugby

U14 (Year 10) Rugby

U14 & U13 Hockey

Year 8 Hockey (starting October)

1stXV & 2ndXV Rugby

Peer Tutoring (Junior School)

Homework Club

Kindle Club (Junior School)

Senior Choir

Cricket – Summer Term








Junior Jazz Band

Junior Chess

U13 and U14 Hockey Fitness

U13 (Year 9) Rugby

Homework Club

Drama/Shakespeare (Junior School)

Junior Drama (Sept-Christmas)

Better Reading Partnership (Y8-10)

Peer Tutoring (Junior School)

Senior Hockey

Senior Jazz

Year 8 Better Reading Partnership (Jan)

Cricket – Summer Term








Junior Art Club

Junior Choir

U12 (Year 8) Rugby

U14 (Year 10) Rugby

1stXV & 2ndXV Rugby

Homework Club

MathsBase 9Years 8-110 (Junior School S14)

Cricket – Summer Term








Junior Band

Bar Mock year 11-14  (Sept - 7th Dec)

Languages Club (Year 8 and Year 9)

Year 8 Technology Club


U13 & U14 Hockey

U13 (Year 9) Rugby

U14 Boys Football training. (Year 10 boys & non-rugby Year 9 boys)

Homework Club

Year8 STEM club

Running Club

Senior Hockey

Cricket – Summer Term




Junior Strings

Senior Chess

Public Speaking and Debating Club (Senior)

Senior Orchestra
















We offer an extensive and wide ranging programme of extra-curricular activities in order to further enhance the educational experiences of our students, and develop their interests.  Many Departments offer extra-curricular activities for all ages and abilities, with lunchtime, after school and off-site opportunities that vary from year to year.

We offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Cadets and Sports and there are a growing number of enrichment opportunities and initiatives for students at Foyle College to excel.