A Level (CCEA)

We offer Religious Studies at both AS and A2 Levels and follow the CCEA specification. At both levels we have excellent results.

AS Level (Year 13)

The options chosen are:

AS1 An Introduction to the Gospel of Luke (examination in January)

AS6 Religious Ethics: Foundations, Principles and Practice (examination in June)

A2 Level (Year 14)

The options chosen are:

The Theology of the Gospel of Luke (examination in June)

Ethics and Society (examination in June)

There is no coursework component. Students will sit AS1 Luke module in January 2013


Entry Requirements

Students studying Religious Studies to A Level would normally be expected to have gained at least a ‘B’ grade at Full Course GCSE Religious Studies. In some instances, however, students who have not previously studies the subject but who enjoy reading widely and have obtained good results in English Language and Literature, may successfully pursue the course.


Why Choose Religious Studies?

Religious Studies helps students develop marketable skills and aptitudes including:

-analytical and strategic thinking

- research skills

- critical evaluation

- the ability to work with abstract, conceptual ideas

- an ability to ‘understand both sides’ and negotiate and resolve conflict

- problem-solving skills

- leadership skills

- understanding of the impact of conflicting ideologies

- an appreciation of human diversity, belief systems, cultural and spiritual experiences

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