Year 14 Dublin Trip

Year 14 pupils visited Dublin as part of their Partition of Ireland A2 course.  They toured a number of significant sites including Dublin Castle, the National Museum of Ireland, Leinster House, Croke Park and Glasnevin Cemetery. Everyone found the trip really beneficial and the amount of information absorbed will hopefully be reflected in fantastic examination results in the summer!

Many thanks to Mr Quigley for arranging the trip.

Mrs Dougherty.


Journey Together

Journey Together – North West Schools Jointly Remembering the Centenaries, 2016.”

Year 10 pupils who were selected to represent the school in the centenaries project.  They will attend seminars and educational visits throughout 2016 to deepen their understanding of the The Easter Rising the Battle of the Somme.

Young Enterprise 2016

Young Enterprise - Year 10 Project Business Seminar – Thursday 4th February 2016  
Project Business brings the world of business and enterprise to life.  It provides a dynamic and eye opening experience for Year 10 students as they take on the role of a small business for the day.  On Thursday 4th February 2016, the Year 10 pupils attended a half-day business seminar successfully co-ordinated by Gail Hamilton (Training Manager) who was ably assisted by the AS Level Business Studies students.
 After a few ice-breaker games to get the pupils ‘warmed up’, the Year 10s were soon gaining an insight into enterprise and an introduction to GCSE Business Studies.  The pupils explored a range of key business concepts through a variety of practical group-based activities, such as setting up their own bead making business.  The teams of pupils had to buy various materials from their suppliers and create beaded bracelets to sell to customers.  The pupils also learnt about health and safety in the work place and quality control.  Following this activity, the pupils had to demonstrate how they would deal with an incident of bad publicity in their business.  


Year 13 QUB School of Management

Year 13 AS Level Business Studies pupils who attended the QUB School of Management Taster  Programme

on Wednesday 27th January 2016.

YPI event

YPI is an organisation that grants money to community-based social service charities each year. The charities that receive the money is decided by pupils in school-based philanthropy projects. Year 14 pupils at Foyle College had the opportunity to make contact with a charity that they thought deserved a £3000 prize from YPI.
Six groups of pupils were chosen to go forward to the finals, which were held on Wednesday 20th January. Each group provided information on their chosen charity and told us about the good work that could be done if their charity were to win £3000.
The charities that the groups chose to represent were RNIB, Foyle Sailability, St.John’s Ambulance NI, Children in Crossfire, Foyle Down Syndrome Trust and The Phoenix ADHD Project.
Although there was close competition, Lydia Cullen, Aaron McFarland and Amy Gardiner were selected as the group with the best overall presentation and therefore won £3000 for The Foyle Down Syndrome Trust. 

YR10 Choosing Science Event

YR10 Choosing Science Event

Year 10 spent the morning with science ambassadors from a wide range of science related industries to help inform them further about their GCSE choices. 






Student Leaders’ Congress, Dublin

Foyle attends the Student Leaders’ Congress, Dublin
Foyle College is currently an Ambassador School working to promote positive mental health amongst its pupils.  As such, a group of Year 11 and 12 pupils joined over 4000 students from across Ireland at the annual Student Leaders Congress at the RDS in Dublin on Thursday 14th January.The  aim of the Student Leaders’ Congress was to promote positive mental health; encourage help-seeking behaviour in young people; and put forward the Cycle Against Suicide message that ‘It’s ok not to feel ok, and it’s absolutely ok to ask for help’.
The Congress brought together students and teachers from all over the island of Ireland in an inspiring and energetic forum comprising celebrity speakers, live entertainment, discussions and much more.
This was very much a student-led event whereby a large portion of the day involved students: discussing projects they have engaged with, providing entertainment, conducting peer interviews and interacting with a range of mental health organisations exhibiting on the day.The theme of this year’s Congress was ‘Together We Can.’

French Storytelling

11th January 2106 saw a first in the life of Foyle: a French storytelling event organised  in conjunction with Queen’s University.
Madame Isabelle Sauvage, a professional French Storyteller from the CLIO (Association of Storytellers in France) performed two stories in French to a group of year 12, 13 and 14 French students:  “Le Moineau, le Lièvre et le Chat” ( The Sparrow, the Hare and the Cat) and “Le Souriceau” (The Baby Mouse).
Foyle pupils also performed a dramatization of “Le Navet Enorme” ( The Enormous Turnip), and completed linguistic activities based on the stories.
This event was a further development of the French storytelling project, for which Foyle won a prestigious award from the British Academy in London in 2013.Some pupils’ comments:  “I found Isabelle entertaining to listen to” “I’ve rekindled my love of storytelling – very entertaining and enthralling”

Foyle College 4 vs 1 St Patrick’s Lisburn

Foyle College 4 vs 1 St Patrick’s Lisburn

Foyle College Under 14’s progress to the Quarter Finals of the Inspiresport Northern Ireland Schools Plate following a 4-1 victory over St. Patrick’s Lisburn this afternoon. The home side started the game in a positive manner as they played with a high tempo and skilful form of possession football which the visitors struggled to deal with in the early stages.