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Summer Soirée

Foyle College PTFA presents...

A Summer Soirée in Fahan

Monday 23rd May @ 7.30pm


Hosted by Mrs Phil Ryan, former proprietor of 'The Red Door'

Enjoy an evening of culinary expertise, dining and entertainment with friends of Foyle College.

Tickets, priced at £10, are available from Mrs J. Galbraith on a first come, first served basis.

Peace Scholarship to Lawrenceville

Arriving in Newark Airport on the afternoon of 1st September – I had little idea as to what was ahead of me! There I was greeted by Mr Bill Freitas, a teacher at Lawrenceville, who had offered to drive us (myself and Peter Sheerin, St Columb’s College alumni) from the airport to the school campus and help us settle in. When we arrived on campus, the first impressions were very good and I was astonished by the sheer beauty of the campus; an 800 acre landscape, with housing, school buildings, tennis courts, solar fields, golf course, farm(!), etc.

Settling in proved relatively easy as everybody was very welcoming and teachers understood we were suffering from jetlag. Compared to A-Levels, schoolwork was manageable and I had time go to the gym every day. However, during the second month I began to experience homesickness…I wasn’t in America for a holiday. It felt difficult at times (especially trying to adjust to American culture and Lawrenceville’s Saturday classes), but knowing that home was just a facetime away made it so much easier.


Year 10 pupils learn more about the events of 1916

As part of their investigation of events during the Decade of Centenaries, all Foyle College Year 10 pupils visited the Somme Heritage Centre. They learned about the Irish contribution in World War One.  

At least 70 Foyle College old boys lost their lives in the Great War – many of them at the Somme.  In History lessons, pupils have been investigating the events of 1916 – particularly the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme and have gained a greater understanding of the complex nature of Irish politics at this time.

 Six Foyle pupils have also been involved in the Journey Together Project with 11 other local schools, where they have explored the controversial issues surrounding commemoration of important centenaries.


Lough's Agency Foyle Ambassadors Programme

Loughs Agency has provided an excellent opportunity for young people and have planned to run the next programme so as to coincide with the Foyle Maritime Festival so that Foyle Ambassadors will graduate on the main stage during the final night of the event (17th of July) as well as getting the opportunity to take part in many exciting initiatives during and after the festival.

There will many excellent opportunities arising out of participating on the coming programme and hope you will  it as an opportunity not to be missed!!

For more information see our latest update video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc6010HZ8Vk

And check out our website to apply! http://www.loughs-agency.org/news/recruiting-for-next-foyle-ambassador-project-starting-may-2016/