Young Writers

Recently, Year 8 pupils entered Young Writers' Let It Snow competition and, once again, have been selected for publication in a special anthology.

'Let It Snow - Frosty Delights' will be published on 31st May and will be archived in the British Library, providing a lasting record of the pupils' achievement.

Year 11 Financial Capability

Year 11 students took part in a Financial Capability workshop. Pupils participated in group activities based on financial topics like exchange rates, online banking, income tax, national insurance, loans and many more!

Choosing Science 18

All Yr10 pupils participated in our ‘Choosing Science’ event on Monday 12th February. Pupils were inspired by a wide range of science ambassadors from the local community who presented their experiences to the pupils, ensuring pupils are more informed as they move forward with subject and career choices this year. Representative scientists from the Lough’s Agency and Seagate were very welcome and it was great to see past pupils Katie Christie who is currently working in the field of gene therapy and Laura McElhinney, who is working in the engineering field at Seagate. Software developing, building engineering and experimental medical research from QUB were also represented. Please Click Here  view further pictures from the day. A ‘robotics’ workshop from Sentinus was also on offer as a supplementary activity in the afternoon.

Knights of Columbanus Public Speaking Competition

Congratulations to Emma, Nicole and Hannah who will represent Foyle College at the regional final of KoC Public Speaking Competition.

Today, the girls’ speech on the bars and walls faced by young people was both inspirational and informative, receiving high praise from the adjudicators.

Well done, girls! 

Personal Economics

Personal Economics brings financial capability to life. In this programme students are challenged to consider the ups and downs they will face in handling their own financial futures. Participants get a hands-on introduction to credit and debt, savings, investments and budgeting. Students work individually and in groups through a series of fun activities. Personal Economics provides an understanding of their role in society and the economy as consumers, employees, taxpayers, investors and borrowers.

Human Library Project

Year 11 and 12 School Council Members, alongside pupils from Lumen Christi , enjoying an informative and interesting session with the Holywell Trust’s ‘Human Library Project’ this morning

DJ Workshop

Congratulations to all our Year 8 pupils who took part in our very enjoyable DJ Workshop on Wednesday Feb 7th. The event was hosted by Kwa Daniels CEO of Bounce Culture. Bounce Culture are a team of creative industry facilitators who are passionate about empowering young people to connect with their “Inner Rhythm” by taking part in musical activities that encourage daily happiness and self-expression. Other skills developed through the art of DJing include:


  • Improving Confidence and Self –Esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Understanding of peer pressure
  • Personal Motivation
  • Learning to cope with stress
  • Developing Teamwork Skills.

Seagate's slice of Pi workshop


The ICT Department hosted STEM Aware today.  Year 10 pupils had a great afternoon taking part in Seagate's slice of Pi workshop.


Tyndall Schools Lecture 2018


Year 12 Physics students attended the annual Tyndall Schools Lecture this week, in the company of 200 pupils from visiting schools. ‘The Physics of the Circus’ was presented by James Soper, juggler and uni-cycler extraordinaire!