Reach Across Event

Pupils of Foyle College and St Columbs College pictured at a recent Reach Across event.
R.E.A.C.H Across is a cross-community organisation for young people in the North-West region of Northern Ireland.



A CEIAG survey for Yr12 - 13 and 14 to complete

Could all Year 12 , Year13 and Year14 students  complete  a careers survey online

Please click on link below which will take you to the online surrvey about CEAIG provision to complete, please take time to fully answer all questions.

Deadline is the 22nd March


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Is there a future in electric cars?

Is there a future in electric cars?

On Wednesday the 6th of March year 14 Technology & Design students travelled to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast to take part in a debate involving the future of electric cars replacing the need for diesel/petrol vehicles. Ross Frazer won a prize for outstanding contribution for writing a witty poem for their presentation in which they had to debate the perspective of young people. The highlight of the day was being allowed to test drive electric cars as well as impressive mentalist tricks from BBC1’s David Meade.

Cross Country

The Cross Country Club has gone from strength to strength since its formation in September.

Meeting on Wednesday afternoons on the Junior School Hockey pitch from 3.45-4.45pm, we have a varied training programme. After our stretches we warm up by doing some interval training – 2 mins jogging, 2 mins running, 2 mins brisk walk, repeating the cycle over the course of 10/12 mins.

In addition to this we have an extended run and a weekly competition between 2 teams. Lately our competitions have been relay races as we are beginning to turn our focus to short distance sprinting in preparation for track events.

Annie World Record

17 Junior school pupils joined the five and half thousand participants in Ebrington Square on Saturday 2nd March to beat the world record for the biggest song and dance routine from the musical ‘Annie’. Our students sang and danced along to the well-known song ‘It’s a hard knock life’ while raising money for the Foyle Hospice. This was a great event which all of the students enjoyed being part of, well done to all that helped break the world record.



Hockey News

Hockey News

We had five girls in total who qualified for the Western Hockey Squads. Esther Hume and Kelsey Hargan got selected for the U15 squad. With Katie Scott, Rosie McSorley and Tara Mackey being selected for the U17 squad.

The girls will now play in the area board tournament held in Lisnagarvey. The U15 tournament is on 10th April and the U17 tournament is on the 14th March. All the best to all the girls in these tournaments.



Shrove Tuesday

Year 8 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a lunchtime pancake making class to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.
Year 11 GCSE Hospitality pupils joined in the fun helping to assist the year 8 pupils. This was a great success and was enjoyed by all involved.

European Jobs Day

On Monday 11th February the U6 Languages students attended the annual European Jobs Day at Magee University; an event which was both informative and extremely enjoyable. Exhibitors at the Event included Americamp, Eramus, European Voluntary Service, Projects Abroad and The Study China Programme, to name but a few. The free lunch for students and staff served in the Students’ Union was most welcome, too. There are many opportunities out there; it’s time to take advantage of them!

Cross Country Feb 2013

Foyle College cross country team have had a fantastic beginning to the new cross country season, with an excellent performance at the oakgrove college cross country event on the 25th January 2013 and the district cross country championships on the 05th of February. 

A total of 23 Foyle College students competed across 7 cross country races ranging from 1500m – 4500m.



STEM Navy visit

Thursday 31 January at Springtown when Royal Navy conducted a Stem based workshop to Yr10 pupils. This generated a greater understanding of the work carried out by the Navy and pupils had the opportunity to find out the science behind how gas turbine blades were designed for efficient fuel consumption alongside  other tasks which promoted both their mathematical and communication skills.