Sponsored Walk PTFA

As part of the PTFA’s fundraising efforts this term, Y8-11 pupils completed a sponsored walk on the morning of Friday, 17th June, from our existing school sites to the new Foyle College site on the Limavady Road, encouraging each pupil to raise £10 in sponsorship for their efforts. Amazingly, they managed to raise £4412!

The route, approved by the PSNI and chaperoned by the staff of Foyle College, involved walking from the Junior School Campus on the Northland Road towards to Senior School Campus, where Y11 pupils began their walk. Pupils proceeded down the Duncreggan Road, crossing at the Strand Road junction towards the Embankment’s pedestrianized quayside path. Crossing at the Peace Bridge, pupils walked through Ebrington Parade and St Columb’s Park, before having a well-deserved break in Foyle Arena, where refreshments were supplied.

Thank you for your generosity! 

Scifest Northwest 2016

Congratulations to the two Yr8 teams who presented their  poster presentations at Scifest today.  Scifest Northwest and the ‘Big Bang near me’ program  entertained the Yr8 STEM group with a  Science show, MAD IT workshop and a series of exhibitions from local industry.  There were over 40 projects presented at the competition. Both teams enjoyed the experience of talking to three sets of judges about the projects they have been working at during the term. One of our teams: Jakob Fielding, Molly Hannaway and Mary Demirova were placed 1st in their chosen category winning the ‘Discover Space Award’.

Learn to Earn

Learn to Earn - Young Enterprise Seminar, Wednesday 22nd June 2016

'Learn To Earn' is an engaging and thought provoking Young Enterprise programme, that challenges Year 11 pupils to make the connection between education, training and employment.

Pupils engaged in a variety of different activities such as 'Who am I?', 'Who is successful?' and playing the 'Success' board game.  These activities helped them understand how the learning and training opportunities available in school and the decisions they make now will influence their future careers and their happiness in later life.

Guildhall charity concert

The Honourable The Irish Society and Derry City & Strabane District Council are jointly promoting a concert in the Guildhall at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 26th June 2016 to celebrate the initial refurbishment by Wells Kennedy Partnership of the 3,000 pipe organ.  Catherine Ennis, President of the Royal College of  Organists and Resident Organist at St Lawrence Jewry church in the City of London, has agreed to perform and will be accompanied by Codetta, the  internationally acclaimed Chamber Choir from Londonderry.  The performance will feature choristers from Christ's Hospital School, which has historic connections with the City of London and also from St Mary’s College in Derry. 

The Irish Society and the Council have also been raising sponsorship from charities in the City of London and local businesses in Londonderry.  All proceeds from sponsorship and ticket sales will be donated equally to the Foyle Hospice and the Mayor of Derry’s annual charity appeal (Action Cancer and the Tear Fund).

Tickets are now on sale at £10 from the following website:

Please support this good cause by purchasing a ticket and encourage your friends to come along too.  We very much hope this will be a ‘sell-out’ and with your help it just might be.

YPI & The Foyle Down Syndrome Trust

The Foyle Down Syndrome trust were awarded a cheque for £3000 pounds last week thanks to Year 14 pupils Lydia Cullen, Amy Gardiner and Aaron McFarland. Year 14 pupils took part in a YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) event in January where groups of pupils from each form class presented on why their chosen charity should benefit from a £3000 prize. The Foyle Down Syndrome Trust were delighted to be the winners of this competition.

Fifteen schools from across Northern Ireland took part in YPI this year, raising £45000 for local charities. Each charity officially received their cheque last week at a presentation at Queen’s University, Belfast. This provided the opportunity to see some of the winning presentations from other schools and to gain a greater insight in to the worthwhile work that YPI are doing in Northern Ireland.

Science visits

Photographs from our annual Yr9 Castlerock Science visit  and Yr8 Nesswoods science trip can now be viewed on the school gallery.

Yr9 travelled by train to Castlerock and considered a range of projects including train speeds, banded snail populations, convection currents in land and sea breezes and marram grass growth. Yr8 had fun sampling the invertebrates, considered the soil pH and discovered if moss growth on tree trunks can give directions?! Pupils enjoyed poetry with the ‘environment theme’  over lunchtime as they  ate their planned ‘healthy’ packed lunch- lots of connected learning in evidence!

PTFA Sponsored Walk

As part of the PTFA’s fundraising efforts this term, Year 8-11 pupils will be completing a sponsored walk on the morning of Friday, 17th June, from our existing school sites to the new Foyle College on the Limavady Road!

We are encouraging each pupil to raise £10 in sponsorship and would appeal to the friends of Foyle College to support them in their endeavour. The money raised by the committee contributes towards the school’s extra-curricular activities, ICT provision and teaching and learning resources.

Thank you in advance for your support.



European Youth Council

Adam McElhinney and Sophie Doherty, Year 13, attended the 'EYC19 - Make It Happen Workshop’ at the Guildhall to share their thoughts on the importance of Youth Democracy and the need to improve education and employability for young people in the Derry-Strabane area. 

The event was part of the ongoing bid for the Derry-Strabane Council area to become 'European Youth Capital' in 2019, a title awarded to a European city for the period of one year, during which it will be given the chance to showcase its youth-related cultural, social, political and economic development.

The EYC initiative encourages innovative projects, with regard to the active participation of young people in society, and seeks to present a pilot model for the further development of youth policies in other European municipalities.

A successful EYC19 bid will see the council area as one of Europe’s most progressive and enlightened places for young people

Year 8 STEM club 2016

Year 8 STEM club has had a busy year  with pupils completing projects ranging from dissecting owl pellets to making copper sulpate geodes.   A seaweed workshop  from the Lough’s Agency  ensured all pupils understood the wide range of uses it had, even as a food ingredient and the local environmental officer will be conducting a bat workshop and mammal trail with pupils in June to mark the end of another STEM club year. 

Pupils have had the opportunity to choose and complete  many science based activities of interest to them which fall outside the practicals  conducted during class time- making bath bombs, investigating hydrogels, making glues!… This term some STEM club members have extended their project work and we are looking forward to attending Scifest in June- watch this space! Looking forward to a new set of enthusiastic Yr8 pupils come September.

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Salters festival of Chemistry 2016

Congratulations to Charlie Norje 8D, Molly Hannaway 8D, David Donnell 9A and Katie House 9B

Who came 2nd out of nine schools competing in the College Challenge at the North West Regional College, yesterday 18th May 2016.