Foyle College Archive

Foyle College Archive


Five years have now passed since Dr Robert Montgomery and Mr Ken Gamble came into Duncreggan House and were admitted to the Headmaster’s study to inspect the contents of the secretaire and cabinet which contained school magazines going back many years.  Thus began the creation of the Foyle College Archive which is presently housed in a room in Dunseverick where a comprehensive collection of school records from Foyle College and the Londonderry Academical Institution for the boys, and Strand House School, Victoria College, St Lurach’s and Londonderry High School for the girls has been amassed.  There is also an extensive library of books and memorabilia which will be of interest to many past pupils and, indeed, their relatives and descendants.


Below is a list of some of the valuable books and artefacts which are among the material currently held in the archive which you may find interesting.   The work of uncovering and cataloguing this comprehensive collection continues with the archive team in school each Tuesday morning, and visitors are welcome by appointment.  Arrangements may be made by contacting the school and speaking to Mrs Jenny Galbraith, Principal’s PA.


BOXX  (10)

            The Percy Kirkpatrick File

                                    (See also Box IX)


Miscellaneous Publications of Former Pupils and Staff

1          City of Derry Rugby Football Club Centenary Brochure (1881 – 1981)

                                                                        Ken Gamble and Alan Roberts

2          The Orange and the Green


3          The Excavation of Cashelbane Cairn  O Davis and J B Mullan


4          Passenger Traffic between Britain and Ireland (1820 – 1850)  H S Irvine


5          Londonderry Technical School Annual (1908) (photocopy)


6          Rassela’s (Johnston) McKillip’s Book



1          The Works of St Justin ( in Latin and Greek)

                                    Volume III   Manke  1849


2          Introduction to Homer  Maclehose  Glasgow

                                                R C Jebb  1894


3          Jebb’s Sermons  by  John Jebb   Cadell  London 1815

                        Inscribed by John Jebb to ‘Mr Peter Le Touche’

                                                            Presented by Rev R G S King


4          Celtic Wonder – Tales  Ella Young and Maud Gonne

                                                            Maunsel  1910


5          Celtic Legend of McDonnell    Archibald McSparron   1840s?

                                                                        Gill    Dublin


From St Lurach’s & Victoria High School

St Lurach’s

1          English Odes Edmund Gosse Keegan, Paul French 1889

                                                Awarded to Norah Steele   Signed Jane Kerr


2          The Tempest Chapman Hall 1908  Ballantyne Press

                                                Awarded to Nina Ferguson   Signed Jane Kerr


VictoriaHigh School

1          Waverley 1980  Scott  Adam & Charles Black

                                                Awarded to Flora Richards  VHS


2          A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1895  John Dent



1          An Exposition on the Ten Commandments  Ezekiel Hopkins

               Nathanael Ranew & Jonathan Robinson

                  St Paul’s Churchyard 1692


2          Books by Reverend William Hamilton

(a)        The End of All Things  Alex Mayne Belfast 1867

(b)        Notes on Commutation Alex Mayne Belfast 1870

(c)        Instrumental Music not admissible in Christian Worship

  Alex Mayne Belfast 1872                

3          The Remains of William Phelan – 2 Volumes

                        John Jebb  London 1832

Box XV

Prizes awarded at the Londonderry Academical Institution 1874 – 1894


1          The Vicar of Wakefield  Oliver Goldsmith  Sampson Lowe  London 1861

            Prize awarded to Robert E Osborne (for English Composition) in

Midsummer 1874  English and Classical School 

Signed by R McCrea Chambers


2          After Ophir (A Search for South African Gold Fields)  Augustus Lindley

            Cassell, Petter & Galpin London  2nd Edition

            Presented to Samuel F McConnell for Proficiency in Latin

            Midsummer 1874  English and Classical School

                                                                        Signed by R McCrea Chambers

3          William Hazlitt  Essayist and Critic  Alex Ireland 

Frederick Warne London 1889

Presented to J S Myles (at the Intermediate Education Examination 1894)

Signed by J C Dick and A Larmour

4          The History of Scotland  Rev James MacKenzie 1890

                        T Nelson  London

            Presented to James S Myles (at the Intermediate Education Examination 1893)

                                                                        Signed by T J B Brady and J C S Nalet



Medals relating to LAI  and  FCD



A         1          Amiclëan Marbles No. 1         1884          }

            2          The Valley of Death   1857   (2 copies)   }Captain George Renczynski        3          The Moabite Stone     1875                     }

            4          Captain George Renczynski : The Polish Connection  W S Ferguson


B         A Gentleman of the North of Ireland 1798                Alexander Knox


C         The Plays of Ben Johnston Vol I & II                        Dublin 1729


D         Efforts in the Study    John McCarter 1857  



1          Heat  John Tyndall  London Longman 1870     Bishop’s  Prize 1872


2          Sound  John Tyndall  London Longman 1869  Bishop’s Prize 1872

                                                                                      (Percy French Prize)


3          Lamb’s Essay of Elia & Eliana 

Bell & Daldy  London 1868                Bishop’s Prize 1867


4          Sunday  James Hessey  3rd Edition 

Murray London  1866             Bishop’s Prize 1867



A         Half Hours with the Best Authors  Charles Knight   Bishop’s Prize 1870

                        Vol I & Vol II     Fred Warne    1870



1          Views of Nature Alexander Von Humboldy

London 1872               Bishop’s Prize 1872


2          Thomas Ingoldsby  The Ingoldsby Legends 1869

Bentley London                       Bishop’s Prize 1873


3          Poetical Works of William Wordsworth

                                                Routledge Ludgate 1868     Bishop’s Prize 1870


4          Poems  Samuel Rodgers  Noxon  London  1860    Bishop’s Prize 1870




1          Epiceteti Enchiridion   Ben Griffin  London 1692

                                                Ellis Walker  HM  1682 – 1694


2          The New Testament  Oxford  1868

              Belonged to and is inscribed by Alfred Pollexefen when

                                                                                    at FCD in 1871


3          Letters from the Northern Coast (County Antrim)

                                                W Hamilton  Belfast  1862


4          Memorial to Captain John Bond  May 1872


5          Two books related to M C Hime

            (a)        Cornhill to Grand Cairo  W M Thackery

                                                3rd Edition London 1865

            (b)        Life of George Stephenson    Prize in December 1878


6          The Rambler  London 1791


7          The Spectator London 1725




A         The Poetical Works of H K White and F Grahame

                                                Wm Nimmo  Edinburgh 1868

                                    Awarded to Andrew Watt  FCD Prize 1870


B         Sound  J Tyndall  2nd Edition  Longmans Green  London 1869

                                    Bishop’s Prize awarded to J H Ferguson 1871

            (same book as Sound awarded to Percy French in BOX II)


C         Studies in Animal Life  G H Lewes

                                                Smith, Elder  London 1862

                                    FCD Prize awarded to J A Williams  1873


D         A Household Book of English Poetry  R T Trench

                                    MacMillan & Co  London 1862

                                    FCD Prize awarded to J Williams 1874


E          The Bible in Irish 1830 (copy of the Elizabeth I Bible 1670)

              Ownership of Samuel Montgomery (Rector of Moville 1845)

                        London  R Watts



1          Thomas Kempis  George Stanhope  12th Edition London 1733


2          Life of John Jebb  2 Volumes         James Duncan 1836


3          Prelatico-Presbyteriansm  Richard Dill  Dublin 1  1856


4          Bishop Jebb of Limerick  Vere White

                        Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge London 1924

                                    W S Ferguson’s copy



1          Histoire de Maurice Comte De Saxe  2nd Form

                                                                        Toulouse  1789


2          Ireland Preserved (Siege of Londonderry & Battle of Aughrim)

                        Hardy & Walker  Dublin    John Graham 1841


3          A Prisoner in Paradise  Herbert L Vahey

                                    London   Stanley Paul   1920


4          Diary of 10 Years of an early settler in Western Australia

              Presentation copy   London  Walbrook 1884



1          Tokens in Time  1950’s Fortune Press  London

                        Wm McCausland Stewart  (Presentation)


2          Troy and the Maypole  1949  Borzoi  Book

                        William Clewes  (Presentation Copy)


3          The History of the Medical School in TCD  Percy Kirkpatrick



A File  Free School Registers 1617 – 1814

B File  FCD Registers                        (a)  1814 – 1834

                                                (b) 1834 -1860’s of those who entered TCD

C File  Original Register         29th August 1814 – 1834

D File  FCD and the Indian Connection  1810 →

E File   Kings Inn Records 1810 –

F File   (a)        Registers at Derry Cathedral

            (b)        Staff at FCD  1800 – 1840

G File  FCD Register 1814 – 1834

H File  FCD Register  1834 – 1841

                                    1841 – 1847

                                    1847 – 1853

Simpson’s List

G File  FCD Register 1814 – 1834

H File  FCD Register1814 – 1896 – Various

J File    FCD & TCD  Pupils attending

K File  William Marsh Harvey Archive 1660’s - 

L File   FCD Register  Dr Davin  1895 – 1943

File M  FCD 1961 - 76 (Boys only)

            FLC 1976 - 89 (Boys & Girls)


            In Book Form

1          Autograph Register     1872 – 1876

2          FCD Pupils’ Reports   1867 – 1872

3          Pupil Attendance Records FCD – Jan 1876 – Dec 1877

4          FCD Attendance Record including Preparatory School

                                                            1915 – 1928

5          FCD Register 1868 – 1935

6          FCD Register 1896 – 1966




The Green Bound Edition from 1st October 1873 – November 1890


Volume I                     July 1872 – November 1874

Volume II                   December 1874 – May 1877

Volume III various     March 1877 – November 1886

Volume IV                  May 1878 – April 1879

Volume V                   May 1879 – April 1880

Volume VI                  July 1880 – October 1881

Volume VII                November 1881 – March 1884

Volume VII                May 1884 – September 1885

Volume VIII               November 1887 – October 1888

Volume IX                  December 1889 – October 1890

Volume X                   November 1890 – December 1891

Volume XI                  March 1892 – November 1892

Volume XII                March 1893 – December 1893

Volume XII                March 1894 – June 1896

                                    April 1909 – November 1910

                                    February 1911 – June 1922


Box I                           Magazines (including schedules) to 1896

Box II                         Magazines (including schedules) 1909 – 1964


List of School Magazines at Magee

List of Magazines at FCD

Index of OST  Volume I & Volume II,

OST from 1909 – 1923,  OST  1834 – 1948

Magazines 1909 – 1910

Original Magazine  March 1909

OST Magazine April 1909

OST Magazine December 1909

OST Magazine March 1910

OST Magazine 1917  (x 2)

OST Magazines Various 1913 – 1920

FCD  The Oak  June 1926

FCD School News 1964


1          Illuminated Address to Alexander Larmour  November 1897

2          (a)        File on The Honourable The Irish Society and FCD and the London


            (b)        Londonderry and the London Companies 1609/1629 Phillips


            (c)        Twelve Great Livery Companies of London  Volume I & Volume II

                                                                                                William Herbert

3          Life and Reign of William Henry  Walter Henry  Dublin 1749

4          Stockdale’s Atlas 1800  Henry McCulloch McClintock and

Samuel Montgomery

5          FCD Examination Results 1876 – 1950

                                    Intermediate Education of Board of Ireland 1899 – 1919

                                    Education Committee Results 1898 - 1912   

6          (a)        Ordnance Survey Letters   O’Donovan etc 1834

            (b)        Notes on Place Names of  County Londonderry 

Alfred Moore Munn 1925

(c)                Ordnance Survey of County Londonderry

Hodges & Smith Dublin 1832



1          The Lawrence Family Tree

2          The Four Lawrence Brothers 1815-1825

3          Letter from Alec McRitchie

4          Foyle College Times 1941 re Lawrence School

5          Letter re Sir Henry Lawrence Portraits Painting

6          Newspaper Cuttings re India

7          Letter re General John Nicholson

8          Newspaper Articles on Sir John Lawrence

9          School Register 1814-1834

10        The Lawrence Brothers and the Indian Colonial Administration

11        Robert Waller – a Kabul hostage of 1842  Books re India

12        Lord John Lawrence/Florence Nightingale

13        The Koh-I-Nor Diamond

14        The Koh-I-Nor Newspaper Cuttings

15        The Women of Victoria India

16        Letter from Rev Knox to Colonel Alexander Lawrence

17        1873 Letter from Rev Robert Henderson re Henry and Lady Lawrence

18        Photographs of Sir Robert Montgomery and Sir John Lawrence

19        Nora Byrne obit January 2013

20        Sir John Lawrence 6th Battalion Obit from 1999

21        The New School  Lawrence

22        The unveiling of tablet to the Lawrences and Montgomery

23        The Lawrence Medals

24        Source Notes Reference

25        Letter from India  June 1916  Frederick A Sayers



The Lawrence File Letters

1          List of Letters

2          Handwritten letter – no date or signature

3          Letter to Sir George nephew of Sir Henry

4          Part of letter to Lieutenant George Lawrence from Lord Dalhousie

5          Unsigned, undated letter

6          Letter from Sir Henry   Lahore 22nd November ??

7          Letter from Sir Henry to Sir Thomas Maddock 30th October 1844

8          Toast to Lord Lawrence  ? June 1869

9          Letter from John Lawrence to Sir George 14th March 1863

10        Letter from John Lawrence to Sir Thomas Maddock written in Urdu

11        Letter from John Lawrence to his brother Sir George

17th September 1862

12        Letter (photocopy) from Lord Salisbury re Order of India

31st December 1877

13        Letter re General Gough  British Museum 11th September 1933



Life of Sir Henry Lawrence Volumes I & II Sir Herbert Edwardes

& Herman Merivale

Forty Five Years in the Punjab  G R Elsmie

Forty-one Years in India  Field Marshall Lord Roberts Volumes I & II

Life of Lord Lawrence Volumes I & II   1883

Life of Lord Lawrence Volumes I & II  1885

Life of Sir Henry Lawrence  Edwardes and Merivale  1873

Sir Henry Lawrence  L-General McLeod Innes

Life of Lord Lawrence  H Bosworth Smith

Lord Lawrence – A Sketch of his Public Career  L J Trotter

Rulers of India – Lord Lawrence  Sir C Aitchison

Indian Embers Lady Lawrence

The Indian Mutiny  John Harris

Ordeal at Lucknow  Michael Joyce

The Lawrences of the Punjab  Frederick P Gibbon

The Life of L-Col Alexander Lawrence  Lt-Col George H Lawrence

The Life of the Marquis of Dalhousie Volumes I & II Lee-Warner

Twelve Indian Statesmen  George Smith

The Life of John Nicholson  Captain L J Trotter

Rulers of India  Sir W W Hunter

A Brotherhood of Heroes  Selected and Arranged  by Stephen Gwynn

Reminiscences of Forty-Three Years in India  Sir George Lawrence

Lawrence File I

Lawrence File II

Lawrence File III


FCD  Sporting Caps including Cricket, Rugby

                                                   and High School uniforms


Sir Robert Montgomery File

Early LHS Magazines