Moving On 2015

Supporting the Primary-Secondary transition, ‘Your School Your Business’ is an exciting and engaging way to introduce the incoming Year 8 pupils to Foyle College.

On Thursday 4th September 2014, the Year 8 pupils worked together to identify and unlock their enterprise potential and were given the opportunity to meet and explore the roles of staff within their new school. 

They also tackled difficult school issues such as bullying, graffiti and litter and came up with ways to deal with these problems.  The pupils made a poster and a slogan for their final presentations, which were pitched before the “Dragons’ Den” – a team of budding entrepreneurs from Lower Sixth! These presentations were judged and prizes given for the best pitch.  The Years 8s were ably assisted by the AS Level Business Studies pupils who willingly gave up their free periods. 

At the end of the summer term on Thursday 18th June 2015, the Year 8 pupils were back in the Assembly Hall participating in the ‘Moving On’ seminar.  The pupils started their session with an ice-breaker quiz on ‘Who do we know?’ which assessed their knowledge of various people’s roles within the school, such as ‘Who is the Head Boy?’ and ‘What is the Caretaker’s name?’ 


This was followed by a creative task which required the Year 8s to design a coat of arms for their team which represented their personalities, hobbies, interests and a fascinating fact about themselves.  After break, the pupils set personal, academic and work goals for the year ahead. 

The ‘Creative Escape’ task provided an opportunity for the pupils to develop their problem solving skills and presentation skills.  The pupils had to imagine that they had been stranded in a glass lift on the outside of a high-rise office building, stuck between the 12th and 14th floors.  The emergency hatch is stuck, the emergency phone is not working and they can’t get mobile network coverage.  After digging in their pockets the pupils find a piece of chewing gum, a piece of string, a nail and a small mirror.  Using only these items and the physical properties of the lift, the pupils then had to plan and present their escape to the rest of the group. 

Finally, pupils were given a job role, such as ‘Norman the Nurse’, ‘Freddie the Fireman’ or ‘Beatrice the Beautician’ and asked to examine and then rank the skills and enterprising capabilities of their character.