Year 14 YPI Competition

“The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative is a one-of-a-kind experience that engages young people in social change and empowers them to participate in the growing of compassionate communities.”

This morning, 10th December, representatives from each of the five Year 14 form classes competed in Foyle College’s YPI final. Each group delivered a presentation to all Post-16 pupils, outlining the reasons why their chosen charity should receive a £3000 bursary from the organisation.

The groups presented on a range of charities within our City, such as ‘Foyle Search and Rescue’ and ‘Men’s Action Network’.

Our judging panel comprised of Mr Allen, Shauna Kelpie, Accord Fund Manager for Community Foundation NI, and two Year 13 Senior School Council members. After a long deliberation, they decided that the winning group were 14D; Axl Tan, Holly Monaghan and Robyn McGarrigle. The three girls presented about ‘Aware Defeat Depression’, and very poignantly conveyed the necessity for this charity within the City.

Our thanks goes to Lauren Lamberton and Charlotte Hodkinson from YPI for their support from the outset. We are also grateful to Shauna Kelpie who took time from her schedule to judge this morning’s competition.


Further information on the initiative can be found from their website: