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The basic steps needed to find out about specific apprenticeships and their availability in NI –

  1. Click on the link below and click Open Hyperlink


  1. On the right hand side of the page type Apprentice into the search option, this will generate the specific apprenticeship vacancies in NI.
  2. If you Double click on any of the job categories and double click on the ‘all quick search results’ box this will give you a list of job vacancies for that category.

Not all apprenticeships are advertised through JobCentre Online as individual employers may advertise for an apprentice and/or a local college may carry out a recruitment of apprentices depending on employer demand. Therefore prospective jobseekers and job changers etc need to make sure that they are checking the local papers and checking employers websites online etc. This would be standard practice and a good starting point for young people who need to develop generic job search skills and are very comfortable working within any IT framework.

Apprenticeships are employer led, as the employer responds to the demand and advertises for an apprentice to fill a specific post within their company. The Department for Employment and Learning fund the young person’s training costs and offers a small employer incentive payment when the young person completes the apprenticeship. The employer must actually employ the person and pay them from the first day.