Welcome to Geology


Welcome to the Geology department. Geology is offered to all students at AS and A levels. Although it is not offered as an examination subject prior to Year 13, all students will have covered geological topics in Key Stage 3 and GCSE Geography. Geology is a broadly based science subject covering a range of topics such as volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics, minerals, rocks, fossils, environmental and engineering geology.

The subject has a strong practical input utilising the extensive geological collection held in the department. Fieldwork in a range of spectacular locations throughout Irelandis used to illustrate and reinforce the topics covered in class.

Geology is a subject that can either compliment other sciences or provide a broader A level base for those studying arts and humanities. It offers a pathway to a wide spectrum of university courses and careers. If you are interested in finding out more about the subject additional information is available on the website or I will be pleased to answer any queries that you may have. The Geology room is 39, beside the Sports Hall.


Galantas Gold Corporation Trip

The Yr 11 geology class are looking forward to visiting Galantas Gold Corporation (http://www.galantas.com/) in Omagh on the 25th June 2014.  Galantas is a Canadian company who owns and operates a gold producing mine near Omagh Co Tyrone.  It is an open cast pit and the company have recently applied for and been granted licence to extend its exploration program due to its recent success in the area. 


As part of our visit we will be given a presentation into the formation of the gold deposits, the exploration, mining and mineral processing operations that are carried out on site.  We are also invited to try our hand at gold panning in the streams around the area!  Gold is such a scarce but valuable commodity used for everything from a means of trading, computers, electronics, jewellery, dentistry, to help remedy medical situations such as Lagophthalmos, glass making, ornamental uses and so much more!   An account of our trip will be posted on the 26th June!!