Each year senior school students studying Art and Design regularly get the chance to visit galleries and museums so that they can see and experience a variety of professionally made creative pieces. This year they have so far been out and about to see creative work  shown at The Void Gallery, The Gordon Gallery, The London Street Gallery and the Shirt Factory Gallery.

We also took some students out for the day to visit the Ulster Museum in Belfast. When we were there we got to see and learn from the annual exhibition of GCSE and A level school work and also enjoyed the current exhibition of work which showcased a very broad range of modern artistic approaches.

Happily, in addition to all of this, on a recent visit to the school,  Master John Price took the opportunity to present certificates to some of our creatively gifted students who had successfully shown their photography in London as part of the photography competition organised and funded by the Merchant Taylor’s Company. Very well done to one and all.