Welcome to Junior Science

Welcome to the Junior Science department.

KS3 Science is taught together as Integrated Science in Years 8 & 9 with a time allocation of 3 double periods per week. . In Yr10 the Science is taught  as separate biology, chemistry and physics lessons with subject specialist teachers, to prepare students for the GCSE courses they start in Yr11. Each separate Science subject is allocated 1 double period per week.

The purpose of this site is to keep you up to date with the many activities ongoing within the department, both in and outside the classroom, meeting the requirements of the KS3 curriculum. The Yr8-10 good student awards in Science will also be published here every month to celebrate the achievement of pupils displaying hardwork and commitment in science.

Pupils can retrieve missed worksheets/homework sheets from the junior science section on the school VLE site and access extra revision worksheets. Please keep checking back to this micro site as it is developed to see the updates.


Science Focus Week

FoyleCollegeFun Science Week for Year 8

 The annual Yr8 Science Focus Week   got off to a great start on Monday 04 November with a lively presentation to all Yr8 pupils by the ‘Science 2 Life’ company.  Activities continued each  lunchtime with the opportunity to carry out a rat dissection, attend a fun chemistry workshop and make rockets. With a focus on enthusing pupils about the world of Science and helping  them relate Science to their local community pupils also had the opportunity to have a site tour of the Invista Lycra plant at Maydown, and conduct an interview with one of the fish biologists working down at the Lough’s Agency. The selection of photos below show the fun  pupils had all week.