Pupils who opt for History at GCSE level will have the chance to study many of the important historical events which have shaped our modern world including the establishment of Nazi dictatorship in Germany, the Holocaust, and Super Power rivalry in the years 1945 – 1991.  They will also study the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland and consider why events in the 1960s and 1970s still have immense importance and impact in Northern Ireland and Ireland right up to the present day.

They will also continue to develop their skills in analysis and evaluation of source material and through their GCSE activities they will increase their ability to communicate and argue a point effectively.  Students of History also gain valuable experience in working together to debate, discuss and present their findings and opinions to their classmates and teacherS.  All of these skills are attractive to employers.



Unit 1  (Paper One)



2 hr exam


Section A

Germany1918- 1941


Section B

Britain, N.Ireland & Ireland 1965-1985







Modular exam

(End of Year 11)*


Unit 2 (Paper Two)


1 hr 15 min exam.




The Cold War





Examined at the end of Year 12



Unit 3

Investigative Study


Support and Opposition to

the Vietnam War




Controlled Assessment.


One assignment

Externally set, marked internally







*Module 1 can be repeated at the end of year 12 if necessary.