Cross Country

The Cross Country Club has gone from strength to strength since its formation in September.

Meeting on Wednesday afternoons on the Junior School Hockey pitch from 3.45-4.45pm, we have a varied training programme. After our stretches we warm up by doing some interval training – 2 mins jogging, 2 mins running, 2 mins brisk walk, repeating the cycle over the course of 10/12 mins.

In addition to this we have an extended run and a weekly competition between 2 teams. Lately our competitions have been relay races as we are beginning to turn our focus to short distance sprinting in preparation for track events.

Currently we have a group of 20 enthusiastic runners that come regularly, with another 10 runners who have come along to Cross Country when they have been able to. Our group is made up of an even split between girls and boys, comprising a good mixture of budding athletes, some of whom wish to run competitively, others who use it to help them in training for another sport, some who want to keep a general level of fitness, and others who simply enjoy running in a club.

So if you are interested in finding out more, why not come along and join us on a Wednesday afternoon 3.45-4.45pm on the Junior School Hockey pitch. We always like to see new members join!

-Mrs Leonard and Mr Harrington