Pastoral Care


Foyle College places the highest priority on the pastoral care of each pupil who attends the school.  Our aim is to provide a supportive, caring and stimulating environment so that pupils can reach their full potential as contributors to the school community and to society in general.  Pastoral care permeates every aspect of College life, and we recognise that all staff have a duty of care for ensuring the wellbeing of each individual pupil.
Years 8-14 are divided into a number of Form Classes, and a Tutor is assigned to each one.  We do try wherever possible to promote continuity between the Tutor and their Form Class.  The work of the Tutors is coordinated by a Year Head.  The Pastoral System is under the supervision of the Vice Principal (Pastoral) – Mr. R. Menown.  The structure is more fully outlined by clicking on ‘Pastoral Team’.  
Each class meets with their Tutor every Wednesday morning from 9.10-9.40am.  At Key Stage 3, Tutors will also meet with their Form Class for an additional 35 minute period during the week.  The Tutors will endeavour to get to know the pupils as individuals and counsel them on their work, personal and social development, attendance  and discipline.  The Tutor also delivers the Learning for Life and Work framework at Key Stages 3 & 4, and during the course of the year will conduct individual interviews with the students in their Form Class.  
Parents’ Meetings are arranged once a year for each year group to allow parents to discuss their child’s progress with his/her teachers.  We believe strongly that parents should maintain a close contact with the school and should you have any concerns about any aspect of your child’s life at Foyle College, please contact the Form Tutor, as this is the member of staff most likely to know the pupil best.  If necessary, parents can also contact the Year Head, Vice Principal or Principal.  
Should a Child Protection Issue arise, you should contact the Designated Teacher who is Mr. P. Gault (Vice Principal), or his Deputies - Mr. R. Menown (Vice Principal) and Mrs. McGowan.  Foyle College fully recognises that its pupils have a fundamental right to be protected from harm.  As such, we regularly review and revise our Child Protection Policy and those associated with it.  Copies of these policies may be obtained from the Principal’s Personal Assistant.
Procedures exist for early identification of pupils with Special Educational Needs for whom appropriate provision is arranged in consultation with parents and, where necessary, external agencies.  Mrs. McGowan is the school’s SENCO, and she helps co-ordinate the valuable work carried out by the Classroom Assistants.  
Foyle College also offers an independent counselling service, where pupils have the opportunity to talk (confidentially) to a qualified professional, who is experienced and sensitive to young people’s needs and interests.  Pupils can gain access to the counsellor by speaking to their Form Tutor or Year Head or, if they wish to maintain their anonymity, they can post a self-referral in the box which is located in the Offices in both Springtown and Duncreggan.  Self-referrals can also be made online – through the ‘New Life Counselling’ website.