• All pupils are timetabled for 2 periods of ICT per week

  • All work in Junior School is undertaken using Microsoft applications, Internet Explorer & Jumpcraft/Scratch gaming software
  • The work is delivered via Foyle College’s Moodle VLE

  • Pupils can also use one of the ICT suites during non-ICT classes to complete research on the Internet or carry out project/display work.

  • Courses are delivered to junior pupils via a Virtual Learning Environment.

  • This is online and, as such, can be accessed from both school and home

Year 8 – Software Used

  • MS PhotoStory to create ‘All About Me’ videos
  • MS PowerPoint to create a multimedia presentation
  • MS Word to create leaflets and posters

  • MS Excel to introduce pupils to spreadsheets

Year 9 – Software Used

  • MS Word to create leaflets and questionnaires
  • MS Access to create databases and use databases to solve problems
  • MS FrontPage to create a website

  • Jumpcraft/Scratch to create a game

Year 10 – Software Used

  • MS Word to create reports

  • MS Access to create a database and design labels

  • MS PowerPoint to create an advanced presentation

  • Google docs to collaborate with peers while designing presentation and to showcase their work

  • MS Frontpage to create an advanced website

  • MS Excel to generate charts