AS Level
Module 1:  Speaking (a prepared presentation and general conversation)
Module 2:  Listening, reading comprehension, translation into English and responsive writing task (200-250 words based on a topical stimulus).
A2 Level
Module 4: Speaking: a 5 minute discussion on a societal theme and a general conversation lasting 10 minutes.
Module 5: Listening, reading comprehension, translation into French and an essay (300-350 words) based on a literary text or societal theme.

Through studying GCSE and A Level French students:

  • develop an understanding of written and spoken French in a variety of contexts;
  • develop the ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken French, using a variety of vocabulary, syntax and structures;
  • develop knowledge of the language and language-learning skills;
  • develop an awareness and understanding of French-speaking countries and communities;
  • communicate with speakers of French; and
  •  acquire knowledge and skills that will help them progress to further study and/or employment.