Art & Design (CCEA)


We have a solid reputation in the school for the high grades we have achieved at A level and our students in the past have achieved equal firsts in the country and some have had their work chosen for the yearly national exhibition that showcases the best of student work. Many have then gone on to successfully study the subject at university and some have become professional artists or designers. We have even seen some become teachers of the subject! Clearly we are very proud of what they achieved with us and very happy to know that they have built successfully on the foundations they had established within our department.


Entrance Requirements

You should have achieved an A*/A/B grade in G.C.S.E. and therefore already shown an active interest and ability in the subject. (Any exception to this is at the discretion of the head of department). You will again be expected to show self-discipline and be creative, thoughtful and imaginative in your approach. 


The Course

Study of this subject will clearly require an ability to research effectively, make skilled visual enquiries and develop a creative working knowledge of a variety of media and materials when you are exploring projects.

General sketchbook research of your own choice will be done over most of the first term of the AS course and then work will be shaped towards a yearly set theme and research will be developed within a portfolio to create a final piece completed for May. A selection of this work is then displayed and marked. The same consistent, well-organised approach is required for the second year A2 practical and written coursework and for the final externally set examination. Please note that a small percentage of your work can be retained by the school.

The course is allocated 9 periods per week (approx. 5 hours) but you are expected to invest some time working outside of normal lessons developing your work.  A lunchtime Art Club and/or extra tuition lessons are therefore on offer. Extension work outside of school is actively encouraged and to this end we offer a selection of artist’s materials at an educational discount price. All students must have a basic minimum set of materials consisting of an A2 sized display portfolio, drawing pencils, a camera, sets of paints and brushes. Also access to a computer and colour printer outside of school is needed.

Please note that it is possible, during the course, to specialise in Photography or Textiles or 3D Design instead of the general Art and Design qualification. 

During the course your work is reviewed on an ongoing basis and individual advice is offered in order to help you achieve the best possible final result.


The Student

From the start you should be well organised and make every effort to effectively gather resources for your project work.  You are expected to make detailed visual recordings from reality (first hand observation) and only use second hand images when you can creatively adapt, develop and combine them together. You should experiment with a broad range of materials and techniques and also look at the work of other artists, designers and crafts people, carefully considering them in relation to your own work.  During the planning and/or designing process you should discuss and notate your work and critically review it. Your final outcomes should fully reflect both the skills and insights you developed during your project research.


Scheme of Assessment


Year 13

Unit AS 1

Unit AS 2


Experimental Research Portfolio

Personnal Responce




Year 14

Unit A2 1


Unit A2 2


Practical Investigation

Written Investigation

Persnnal Response







Marking in both years is done by your teacher and then double checked by visiting moderators in the summer term.



Careers in Art and Design

Guidance on portfolio building for interviews and advice on Further Education courses will be on offer. There are many creative vocational degree courses that train you to become professionally qualified in jobs like those listed below;





Landscape Architect

Town Planner


Textile Designer


Fashion Designer


Commercial Designer

Furniture Maker

Product Designer 

Interior Designer





Exhibition worker

(shops, museums,galleries, etc.)

 Design Engineer






Art & Design Teacher

Art Therapist



Graphic Designer


Package Designer



Web Designer


Games Designer        




Art Director

Film Editor 

Set Designer