Physical Education

Sports Science and the Active Leisure Industry (CCEA)

GCE Sports Science and the Active Leisure Industry is made up of two parts: AS and A2. Students may take the AS as a stand-alone qualification if they wish. To get the full GCE students must complete both AS and A2. AS and A2 each comprise two units. There are four units in all.

Unit AS 1 develops students’ knowledge, understanding and skills involved in fitness and training. They administer a range of fitness tests and analyse the results. They devise a training programme and lead the sessions. This unit is internally assessed through a portfolio.

Unit AS 2 introduces students to key concepts in health, fitness and lifestyle and explores the relationships between them. They study nutrition for health and exercise as well as components of fitness. They also analyse the health of the nation compared with other European countries. This unit is assessed by a written examination of short and extended questions and stimulus response questions.

Unit A2 1 is designed to develop students’ higher level skills through greater depth, complexity, and application of knowledge and understanding. It is internally assessed and externally moderated through an internal assessment portfolio. This unit provides students with the opportunity to organise and run an active leisure event. A2 1 helps students to prepare for employment in this industry by giving them the opportunity to develop essential workplace business skills.

Unit A2 2 concentrates on examining the structure of the respiratory, circulatory, muscular and skeletal systems. Students learn about how these systems function during and after exercise, and at rest. They develop a knowledge and understanding of the structural apparatus of each system and discuss the functions. Students study how the acquisition of skills and the principles of learning are relevant to skilled performance. This unit is assessed by a synoptic written examination consisting of short and extended questions and stimulus response questions.

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