Music A-Level

A Level


Entrance requirements

The A level Music course develops and expends the current GCSE Music syllabus. Grades A or B at GCSE and the potential to perform at the end of the course at grade VI level are required. Participation in at least one extra curricular music activity is also compulsory.


For pupils transferring from another school into 6th form, a short entrance assessment in performance and literacy skills will be given by music departmental staff.


The AS/A2 course

The new A level Music syllabus is divided into 4 modular units. The first 2 units make up the AS course (worth 50% of the overall A level grade), with examination in June of year 13. The last 2 units (also awarded 50%) make up the full A level with examination in June of year 14.



  1. Extend the skills, knowledge and understanding pupils need to communicate through music and to take part in music-making.

  2. Engage and extend their appreciation of the diverse and dynamic heritage of music, thereby promoting their spiritual and cultural development.

  3. Develop particular strengths and interests, thereby encouraging lifelong learning and providing access to music-related and other careers.

  4. Recognize the interdependence of musical skills, knowledge and understanding as well as the links between the activities of performing, composing and appraising.


Scheme of Assessment

Students will be assessed by means of 4 assessment units, 2 for the AS level and an additional 2 A2 units for those entering for the full A level.



Comments from former pupils




Foyle's strong musical tradition continues to flourish; their choirs and instrumental ensembles have an excellent reputation both within the city and further afield. While these groups afford instrumentalists and singers the opportunity to make music together in a variety of styles, their modern classroom facilities also allow students to explore the subject and be creative on an individual level.”


Ian Mills M.A. B.Mus A.R.C.O




Throughout my time at Foyle, music always lay at the heart of my educational pathway. It is thanks to Foyle who offered me a variety of music experiences and opportunities from the jazz band, choir, orchestra and school shows, that I achieved my ambition of becoming a Bachelor of Music from Queens University. I thank Foyle for giving me this inspiration and for showing such dedication to their music students.”


Rachel Stone B. Mus