Geology as an A Level Option


Why you might consider Geology as an A level option;-


  • no prior knowledge of the subject at GCSE is required – no longer offered at GCSE.

  • an excellent record for top grades at AS and A2

  • one pupil in the top 3 of the N Ireland geology rankings for the past 5 years, including first place in 2005 A level and first in AS in 2006

  • 100% pass rate at AS and A2 for the past 5 years

  • pupils taking 4 AS subjects invariably retain Geology to A2 and drop one of the other 3 subjects

  • a useful Science subject for those not studying the main sciences

  • a useful Science subject for those concentrating on Arts subjects

  • a complimentary subject along with the main sciences and maths

  • a useful subject in conjunction with Geography – considerable areas of overlap

  • a practical subject with many environmental applications

  • 20% coursework element at AS and A2 based on fieldwork and lab techniques

  • an opportunity to become familiar with an extensive collection of minerals, rocks and fossils

  • combines easily with an other combination of subjects

  • offered in two option blocks allowing flexibility of choice

  • a widely accepted subject as an entrance requirement for all university courses

  • an essential subject for those hoping to follow a career in Environmental Science, Engineering, Geophysics or any of the 3 main sciences

  • an opportunity to visit and study in spectacular geological locations throughout Ireland


Course outline;- 6 modules examined separately – 3 at AS and 3 at A2 – details given in the AS/A2 Choices Booklet. Modular exams consist of short structured answers. Essay style answers are not required.



  • a pass in Double Award Science – at least grade BB preferable

  • GCSE Geology NOT required and not offered beyond 2005

  • an interest in environmental matters


Further information;- available from –

  • Mr Lynn will visit PSE classes in the next few weeks

  • AS / A2 Choices Booklet for details of the 6 modules

  • Talk to any of the 31 A2 Year14 pupils or the 20 AS Year13 pupils currently studying the subject


3 Units



AS Module 1   

Global Tectonics and Geological structures                                            AS 30%/A2 15%                                


AS Module 2    

The Rock Cycle – Processes and Products                                                          AS50%/A2 25%


Practical Skills in Geology

                         AS 20%/A2 10%


This will involve an independent laboratory exercise based on the information collected over a few days in the field around NI/DONEGAL/S IRELAND. Internally marked but externally moderated. 



A2 Level

3 Units



A2 Module 1

Economic and Environmental Geology    

      A2 15%


A2 Module 2

Evolution of Life, Earth and Climate                                                  A2 25%


Practical Skills in Geology

                            A2 10%


This involves practical and fieldwork skills basedon independent field study with information collected over a few days in the field around S DONEGAL/S IRELAND. Internally marked but externally moderated