Why Choose Business Studies?

Business Studies provides students with a unique insight into the world of work. Through its study, students discover how businesses operate and learn about essential business functions, including Accounts, Marketing, Operations Management and Human Resources.


Business Studies offers an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue careers in management, marketing, project management, business accounting, management consultancy, human resources, and business journalism as well as those interested in continuing on to further study.



Useful Websites

AQA http://www.aqa.org.uk/

Belfast Telegraph http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk

Biz/ed http://www.bized.ac.uk

Business Studies Online http://businessstudiesonline.co.uk

BBC Business http://www.bbc.co.uk/business

European Commission Office http://europa.eu.int

Investors in People http://www.iipuk.co.uk

Stock Exchange http://www.londonstockexchange.com

Tutor2U http://www.tutor2u.net

The Biz http://www.thebiz.co.uk

Trade Unions http://www.ukdirectory.co.uk/category.html

World Wide Web Resources http://www.uky.edu/subject/business.html



AS Level Examinations

The A-Level Business Studies course contributes to an understanding of business and enterprise and helps students develop many of the skills required for employment such as research, decision-making, problem-solving and evaluation of information. This course provides valuable preparation for a variety of career paths, not just in business and finance.



Entry Requirements

Pupils should have an active interest in business issues. They would be expected to read good quality papers, listen to local, national and international news and watch business-related programmes such as ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Dragon’s Den’, ‘Under-Cover Boss’ and ‘The Money Programme’.


As good language and mathematical skills are essential, we require pupils to have attained at least a Grade ‘B’ in GCSE Mathematics and English Language or a Grade ‘B’ in GCSE Business Studies.



Specification At A Glance


  • Unit 1 BUSS1 Planning & Financing A Business

  • Starting A Business

  • Financial Planning


  • Unit 2 BUSS2 Managing A Business

  • Finance

  • People In Business

  • Operations Management

  • Marketing & The Competitive Environment

Scheme Of Assessment
The Scheme of Assessment comprises two components:-


Unit 1 – BUSS1 Planning and Financing a Business


40% of AS,

20% of A Level

60 marks


1 hour 15 minutes


Short answer questions and extended responses based on a mini case study.

Available January and June


Unit 2 – BUSS2

Managing a Business


60% of AS,

30% of A Level

80 marks


1 hour 30 minutes


Compulsory, multi-part data response questions.

Available January and June





A2 Level Examinations

In Year 14 the pupils study two A2 modules which consolidates the work covered at AS Level and develops further understanding of each key area.



Specification At A Glance


  • Unit 3 BUSS3 Strategies For Success

  • Functional Objectives & Strategies

  • Financial Strategies & Accounts

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Operational Strategies

  • Human Resource Strategies


  • Unit 4 BUSS4 The Business Environment & Managing Change

  • Corporate Aims And Objectives

  • Assessing Changes In The Business Environment

  • Managing Change



Scheme Of Assessment
The Scheme of Assessment comprises two components:-



Unit 3 – BUSS3

Strategies for Success


25% of A Level

80 marks


1 hour 45 minutes



Questions requiring extended answers based on an unseen case study.

Available January and June



Unit 4 – BUSS4

The Business Environment & Managing Change




25% of A Level

80 marks

1 hour 45 minutes


Pre-release research tasks leading to the first section of a two section examination.

Second section will consist of choice of essays. All questions will be essay style and synoptic therefore drawing upon knowledge from all four units.

Available January and June