A-Level Engineering

A’ Level Engineering


Entrance requirements

What do I need to know or be able to do before taking this course?

You should have at least a B grade in GCSE Engineering or Technology and Design.


You should also have an interest in developing an understanding of the different areas of engineering to help you to build and apply knowledge in a wide variety of engineering contexts.


What kind of student is this course suitable for?

You will enjoy this course if you wish to:

- develop an understanding of engineering technologies and the complex sub-groups that make up engineering and related industries

- apply your understanding of engineering and its practical and technological aspects through project based study of engineering design, production, commissioning and maintenance.


Is the qualification structured like other GCEs?

Yes, the qualification has an AS/A2 structure.

AS is short for Advanced Subsidiary. This is the first half of the Advanced GCE course. It is a stepping stone to the full Advanced GCE qualification. You can take the AS on its own, if you and your teacher agree that this is best for you.

You can also decide at the end of the AS course to continue with the course and take the A2 units for the full Advanced GCE qualification.


You can study for:

- A Single AwardASGCE (3units): Units 1, 2, 3

- A Single Award Advanced GCE (6 units): all 6 units


 What will I learn about on this course?


In the AS units you will learn about:

  • Engineering Materials, Processes and Techniques - Unit 1
  • The Role of the Engineer - Unit 2
  • Principles of Design, Planning and Prototyping - Unit 3


In the A2 units you will learn about:

  • Applied Engineering Systems - Unit 4
  • The Engineering Environment - Unit 5
  • Applied Design, Planning and Prototyping - Unit 6


How will I be assessed?


You will design and manufacture engineering products that will be assessed in both AS and A2 units.

You will be assessed externally in A2 on your work for three practical engineering activities. The brief for these will be set each year by Edexcel.




What could I go on to do at the end of my course?


The GCE in Engineering qualifies for UCAS points so if you complete it successfully you could move on to study for a degree or BTEC Higher National Diploma. You could also go on to relevant employment.



You cannot study Design & Technology and Engineering