Technology A-Level

A’ level D&T: Product Design (Edexcel)

Entrance requirements

Students embarking on AS and A level study in Design and Technology are expected to have achieved at least a grade B in GCSE . In addition, students will be expected to have some further background knowledge and a genuine interest in Design and Technology.


What will I learn on this A-level course?


The assessment will test your ability to:

  • Develop your own innovation, creativity and communication
  • Develop a critical understanding of the processes and products of Design and Technology
  • Develop an understanding of industrial practices
  • Use information and communications technology to enhance your capability
  • Develop critical evaluation skills in technical, aesthetic, economic, environmental and social contexts
  • Make informed choices as consumers in a modern world with a knowledge of the impact of design on the environment.


Should I study this subject at AS or A level?

The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) is the first half of the A level course. It is a stepping stone to the full A level qualification. You can take the AS on its own or you may decide to continue the course to the full A level.

Staff in the Design and Technology department can help you decide on which course is most suitable for your needs and capabilities.


The AS course is suitable for students who wish to broaden their A level course by taking this subject along with other full A levels. It also leaves more options open for the student who may not yet have decided on a specialist area for higher study.


The full A level course is suitable for students who are more certain of an interest in the areas of design and technology and are keen to develop further their own creativity and knowledge of technological activities.


Both the AS and A level courses in Design and Technology are designed to be complimentary to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Art and Design, Business Studies or to be a contrasting subject with English, History, Geography and Modern Languages.
Scheme of Assessment

The full A level is made up of two AS units plus two A2 units.



AS Level


Unit 1 - Coursework - 60%

Portfolio of Creative Skills

One portfolio, three sections:


  • Product Investigation
  • Product Design
  • Product manufacture


Unit 3 - Written Exam - 40%

Designing for the Future


  • Knowledge of modern design and manufacturing practices.
  • The impact of design on the environment


Unit 2 - Written Exam - 40%

Design & Technology in Practice


  • Understanding materials and processes used in the field of Technology and Design

Unit 4 -  Coursework - 60%

Commercial Design


  • Design and make project.
  • Commercial design approach understanding of industrial practices.



Through involvement in the four units of study, you will have opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge.


There is a substantial commitment needed at home and school to ensure that homework's, project work, and background reading of study topics is to be covered. Time management and self-motivation are essential qualities which the Design and Technology student must possess.


What could I go on to do at the end of this course?

Depending on the other A or AS subjects you choose, Design and Technology will aid entry to the following types of Higher Education course:

            Mechanical Engineering          Architecture                            Advertising

            Industrial Design                     Electronic Engineering            Interior Design

            Packaging Design                    Materials Science                     Graphic Design

            Product Design                        Civil Engineering                     Marketing

            Teaching                                  Furniture Design                     Art and Design

            Town Planning                                    Quantity Surveying                  Construction                Technology & Design            Technical Sales                                    Project Planning                                                          Production Engineering                                        

The coursework units will provide you with valuable portfolio material, which can be taken to university interviews during the A level year.


You cannot study Design & Technology and Engineering