Technology GCSE

GCSE Technology and Design



GCSE Technology and Design is a direct follow on from the knowledge and skills built upon at Key Stage 3. The course involves the designing and manufacturing of products through the use of graphical & communication skills and an extensive use of ICT through Computer Aided Design.


Through practical project work, the manufacturing element of the course develops an understanding of a range of materials, techniques and processes associated with manufacturing in the school workshop and common commercial practices.


When studying this course, you will build a knowledge of Mechanisms, Electronics, Materials & Processes and Computer Control. This knowledge, combined with extensive graphical skills and design thinking, equips each pupil with an excellent overall understanding of product design with the technological capability to produce quality products.


The one thing that sets this subject apart from any other at this level, is the opportunity for pupils to design a product from the ground up with consideration for the users and their needs. This intellectual process is not found in any other subject area.


In Year 11, pupils spend a term working on a design project which requires them to research and then design a product for a specific need. This is an intense time for the development of graphical and written communications and carries 20% of the total marks for this subject at GCSE. This is followed by a design and make project which develops Computer Aided Design skills along side practical skills and knowledge associated with plastics.


In Year 12, pupils undertake their own design and make project from a given design brief and are required follow the design process, generating ideas and developing them using graphics and Computer Aided Design. The product is then manufactured to a high quality of finish. This piece of work carries 40% of the total mars at GCSE. With such a high allocation of marks for coursework (60%), it is possible to have passed this subject before actually doing the exam.



Scheme of assessment



Coursework 60%                 


          Unit 4                   Design Assignment 20%                    13hrs Supervised Assessment


          Unit 5                   Design & Make Project 40%     30hrs Supervised Assessment



Examination 40% - One 2hr written paper consisting of:


                   Unit 1                   Subject Core 20%                     1hr Written Paper


                   Unit 3                   Product Design 20%                 1hr Written Paper


This subject provides an ideal insight into a whole range of possible career paths. The problem solving nature of the subject along with the technical expertise that it provides has proved valuable to pupils who have pursued careers in the following:


          Mechanical Engineering                                Architecture

          Industrial Design                                          Electronic Engineering

          Packaging Design                                        Materials Science

          Product Design                                            Civil Engineering

          Teaching                                                     Graphic Design

          Town Planning                                            Quantity Surveying

          Construction                                                         Technical Sales

          Project Planning                                           Advertising

          Production Engineering                               Furniture Design

          Marketing                                                    Interior Design


You will not be allowed to study Engineering and Technology & Design