At present  funding comes from whatever small surplus is made from our social events throughout the year and from the generosity of the school.  Our social events are designed at best, to make a small surplus but at least, to break even.  Your committee felt that it was inappropriate to increase the costings of these events and potentially discourage attendance.  There was unanimous agreement amongst the members of the committee that the Former Pupils Association could not continue to rely on financial support from the school.


So where does that leave us?  Again, there was unanimous agreement that the FCFPA should remain free to its members.  However, we must have some way of generating an income.  To that end we propose a voluntary annual subscription of £25 for those who wish to pay.  This will be collected by Standing Order - a form is available from download link  or available from the school Bursar.  I stress again that there is absolutely no compunction to pay and it is only for those who feel able and willing to support the association in this manner. 

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