Music Rehearsals Jan 2018

Music rehearsals will begin on Monday January 15th as follows:
Senior strings (1.05-1.35)
Junior Traditional Group (1.05-1.35)
Senior Choir (3.30-4.30)
Junior Jazz Band (1.05-1.35)
Senior Jazz Band (3.30-4.30)
Junior Choir (3.30-4.30)
Junior Band (1.05-1.35)
Junior Strings (1.05-1.35)
Senior Orchestra (1.05-1.35)
All members of these rehearsal groups MUST attend ALL rehearsal this term as we only have 9 rehearsals until our Spring Concert. Failure to attend will result in contact with parents.
 Pupils taking part in rehearsals will not have time to use the canteen & therefore MUST bring a packed lunch which they can eat in the music room.
Late bus will be available for pupils at 4.50p