New Bus Routes January 2018

New Bus Routes To/From New School







SmartLink fares within the city area

Child All day travelcard
will remain unchanged at £1.10
Child 10 journey SmartLink
Top up will increase to £6.00 (£0.60 per journey)
Child Weekly travelcard
will remain unchanged at £5.00
Child Monthly travelcard
will remain unchanged at £19.00
Initial purchase of SmartLink Card
will remain unchanged at £1.00
For further information, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In order to streamline procedures across all EA Offices, with effect from September 2018, existing transport assistance for ALL Year 12 pupils will end at 30 June.  Therefore any pupil wishing to return to Year 13, regardless as to whether they remain in the same school or choose to move to a new school, must make a new application for September. 


All transport applications must be made on-line through the EA website


You are encouraged to apply as soon as it has been confirmed that your child / children will be returning to school to ensure passes will be available at the school at the start of term.