KS3 Art

Key Stage 3

Art and Design

Course Outlines


Please note that each pupil’s coursework, like that outlined below, is worth 60% of the final mark and an end of year examination makes up the remaining 40%.


Year 8


In this first year pupils are helped to settle into classroom working routines and homework requirements. They follow a course that is shaped by the seven visual elements of;


·         Line

·         Shape

·         Texture

·         Colour

·         Tone

·         Pattern 

·         Form


Over the year they approximately spend five weeks on each element with the opportunity to try both art and design approaches and use a broad range of materials and techniques.


Year 9


This course builds on the previous year and offers pupils the chance to spend their time researching and visually exploring the following four themes;


·         Creatures

·         Environments

·         House and Home

·         Face and Figure


They devote approximately nine weeks to each theme doing a variety of both art and design practical pieces. The importance of careful researching and resource collecting is stressed.


Year 10


During the final year pupils are set two mini coursework projects that take approximately twelve weeks each. The challenge for pupils is to be self-motivated, resourceful and well organised in order to be able to meet the final set deadlines. In the final weeks of the year pupils prepare for a final examination and produce a practical piece in the exam based on these preparations.


Unit 1.  Manmade Theme 30%

Unit 2.  Nature Theme 30%

Unit 3.  Examination 40%


In the mini projects pupils are asked to individually research and resource the set topics. They also work on their art and design practical skills and creativity along with developing a growing awareness of the creative work of others, both ancient and modern.

Pupils are also required to graphically present their work with care and thoughtfully engage in evaluating their own progress.