SIMS Learning Gateway

This service has been initially funded by the schools PTFA. Please support our PTFA events throughout the year so that they can continue to fund valuable school services such as this. 
This service will be available to parents of pupils in Years 8 & 9 from September 2017 and for parents of pupils in years 8, 9, 10 & 11 in from Sept 2018.
Parents will be able to engage fully with their child’s learning by monitoring the following areas of their school life in real time:

Headlines – Initially, percentage lateness & percentage attendance will be visible. As we develop the system, you will also see any behaviour and achievement points your child has acquired.

Attendance – You will be able to see your child’s attendance at both morning and afternoon sessions. 

Conduct - Behaviour and Achievement data will be available.

Events – You will be able to see and search for lateness and absenteeism along with any attendance comments for each session. Behaviour and Achievement will also be visible.

Assessment – Displays a graphical summary of your child’s assessment progress.

Homework – This will display any homework your child has due to be handed in or has failed to hand in.

View Reports – Your child’s reports will be only be available to you electronically.

For access to the SIMS Learning Gateway click the image below. If you are registering for the first time you will need the document with your username and password to hand. You should bookmark the following page for your convenience. 
As part of this service, we are also providing parents access to this information via the Parent App. Parents to whom this applies will need an access key emailed to them. Pupils will also get an access key to allow them to use their Student App
If you require any support with the SIMS Learning Gateway, please contact the school office on 02971269321
If you require any support with the Parent App, there are plenty of useful resources available by clicking this link -