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Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day

"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island." (Walt Disney)

Explore some of the exciting World Book Day activities our pupils have been involved in recently, encouraging every pupil to #DEAR...

Public Speaking Success

On Tuesday, Saint Cecilia’s College officially launched their school's Public Speaking and Debating Society. Students from across the city presented their opinions on the topic: ‘Politicians are failing the young people of Northern Ireland.’

Well done to one of our Year 12 girls, who achieved 1st place in the competition!


Yr 10 Science Mentor Training Program.

A group of Yr 10 pupils have been enjoying their weekly training program in preparation for our Gopher Primary Science lab event on Wednesday 15th March. Sponsored by the Royal Society of Biology and Biochemistry our Yr10 pupils will be delivering a selection of engaging, hands on Science activities to the 125 Primary 6 pupils attending. Training has been supported by STEM Aware  to date and pupils innovation and developing confidence as they trial the activities for their presentation has been great to see

Character Masks

Pupils from 8E proudly displayed their 'Character Masks' on Thursday afternoon, having successfully completed their Readathon challenge and Literacy task.

Can you guess what novels they have been reading?

#worldbookday2017 #DEAR