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Welcome to the website of Foyle College, a Co-educational, Voluntary Grammar School which has been providing high quality education for the City of Londonderry and its surrounding area for almost 400 years.

We are delighted to be able to share with you something of the character and life of our school and the successes enjoyed by our pupils as we help them to grow academically, athletically and artistically enabling them to fulfil their potential both as members of the school community and as contributors to society.

Whether you are a current, former or prospective pupil, an interested parent or a member of the local community I hope that you will find our site informative and illustrative of the breadth and quality of education on offer at Foyle College.

Patrick Allen


Year 13 QUB School of Management

Year 13 AS Level Business Studies pupils who attended the QUB School of Management Taster  Programme

on Wednesday 27th January 2016.

YPI event

YPI is an organisation that grants money to community-based social service charities each year. The charities that receive the money is decided by pupils in school-based philanthropy projects. Year 14 pupils at Foyle College had the opportunity to make contact with a charity that they thought deserved a £3000 prize from YPI.
Six groups of pupils were chosen to go forward to the finals, which were held on Wednesday 20th January. Each group provided information on their chosen charity and told us about the good work that could be done if their charity were to win £3000.
The charities that the groups chose to represent were RNIB, Foyle Sailability, St.John’s Ambulance NI, Children in Crossfire, Foyle Down Syndrome Trust and The Phoenix ADHD Project.
Although there was close competition, Lydia Cullen, Aaron McFarland and Amy Gardiner were selected as the group with the best overall presentation and therefore won £3000 for The Foyle Down Syndrome Trust. 

YR10 Choosing Science Event

YR10 Choosing Science Event

Year 10 spent the morning with science ambassadors from a wide range of science related industries to help inform them further about their GCSE choices.